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NCC was founded as an intermodal marketing company to introduce a commercial 40’ refrigerated intermodal service to Canadian shippers.

We have demonstrated capability in the fresh and frozen food vertical and play important roles in several of Canada’s largest perishable supply chains.

As a 3PL, National Cold Chain offers a variety of contract logistics services, services that have been developed for perishable supply chains with a specific focus on Canadian National food distribution.

As a 4PL, National Cold Chain acts as a supply chain integrator that assembles and manages our resources, capabilities and technology intertwined with those of our clients and of complimentary service providers.




Specializing in perishable supply chains.

National outsourced Transportation Management for the Largest cultured dairy manufacturer in Canada

Cross-Border intermodal distribution serving Western Canada for North America’s largest premium fresh juice processor

Inbound multi-temperature LTL consolidation and intermodal transloading for North America’s largest food distributor

LTL Consolidation

Most Canadian food manufacturers don’t have the scale to ship a high percentage of their product as full loads.

Canadian food manufacturers are losing what economies of scale they did have to their customer’s pick-up programs, further eroding their ability to manage transportation economically.

One of our core competencies, separating us from other refrigerated transportation service providers in Canada, are our LTL consolidation programs.

Consolidating a portion of your LTL orders into multi-stop TL is not rocket science.

Consolidating a higher percentage of your LTL orders into multi-stop TL can be more challenging.

Consolidating all your LTL orders into multi-stop TL using both 40 and 53 ft refrigerated containers, while maintaining a traceable cold chain from origin to final destination and optimizing your cost per kg at the load level while minimizing non-compliance fines and hitting best in class on-time delivery metrics… this is where the science comes into play.

We drive out cost through innovation.

We are running refrigerated freight cost optimization programs for many of the country’s largest CPG food manufacturers.

Managed Transportation

Fully integrated electronic communication.

Processes designed by tenured Transportation executives.

Expert load planners consolidating your orders into full loads using technology and experience.

Full load applications planned, using the most economical equipment available.

Managing the supply of equipment on the day and at the time it’s needed while minimizing and measuring accessorials costs.

Tracking and statusing the movement of every order using best in class processes and technology.

Customized, granular financial and activity reporting.

A traceable cold chain from origin to final destination.

Our refrigerated freight cost optimization programs are in place for many of the country’s largest CPG food manufacturers.

NCC Logistics

Comprehensive asset-light intermodal, highway and logistics services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico

Transactional or Contractual Capacity
Cross Border & Domestic Intermodal
North American Network
Contracts with Class-1 Rail Roads


Turn-key access to the most advanced information systems, processes and tools used in modern supply chains.

Business Intelligence

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